The 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Please select the link below for the Parish Bulletin

Welcome to the Parishes of St Brendan’s and St Michael’s.

From 1 July , we are permitted to celebrate Mass for a congregation of no more than 75 people at St Brendan’s and 50 people at St Michael’s (as well as celebrant, acolyte and reader), with specific conditions details which are on the Parish Bulletin.

Our Parish Mass times are

St Michael’s Saturday 5.30pm

St Brendan’s Sunday 9.30am 

 Weekday Masses (Wed/Thurs/Fri) at St Brendan’s 9.10.


 – you MUST call the parish office – (02) 9550 3707 (Tuesday, Thursday and Friday)  

  – Registration close for Sunday Masses at 3:00pm on Friday 

Please do not turn up for Mass without having made a booking beforehand. 

  You MUST Provide your Name – Phone Number and email address (of each person attending Mass.)   

  DO NOT be late for MASS, all registered attendees MUST be on time for Mass and enter the Church by the FRONT door – THE SIDE DOOR will be locked.      

The Church FRONT door will be closed at the start of Mass and cannot be reopened until the end of Mass.    

  Names will be checked off the register at the start of Mass.  

  Please be aware of NOT touching any unnecessary areas around the Church.   

– if you have any cold, flu or respritory symptoms you must not come into the Church, even if you have made a booking

All attendees at Mass or gatherings are asked to minimise the time they gather together.

We ask that those attending weekday Mass not to register to give others a turn to attend Mass.

If you have registered for Mass and the guidelines change, we will contact you.